Now cooking in the Studio:

Profectio Initiative/Korean Musik Project: Works by Breitenfeld, Helmer, Kim, Yang, Huber, Schulz u.a. Live-Recording

Ensemble Aventure: Works by Buchwald, Motz, Michael, Fervers, Szathmary works for Violin, cello and piano. Live-Recording

Zsigmond Szathmary/Olaf Tzschoppe: New Works for Organ and Percussion by Dieter Mack, Andreas Paparousos, Farangis Nurulla-Khoja, Olaf Tzschoppe, Zsigmond Szathmary and Joh. Christian Schulz.

J.C. Schulz: New Album

John Bingham: Archive

Recent Projects:

Kammerchor Hochwarzwald/Ensemble/K.Hildebrandt/J.Götz: Palmeri Missa (DVD)

Ensemble SurPlus: Schulz, Breitenfeld, Motz, Schmidt and Majcen. Live Recording