Studio and Live Recording, Film Music, Audio Book and Radio Drama Production.

Mixing to from Digital Multitrack to Stereo or 5.1 Surround, Digital Editing and Postproduction.

Transfers from Analog to Digital or vice versa.

CD/DVD/SACD-Authoring and CD/DVD/SACD/Vinyl Manufacturing.

Composing and Arranging for Feature Film and TV Productions


DDA Interface Mixing console

Logic 9

Protools 9

Mac Pro G5

MacBook Pro

Studer A80 2-Track (2)

ASC 2-Track

Marantz CD Recorder

Tascam Dat Recorder

Sony Dat Recorder

Focusrite Liquid 56

Focusrite Octopre Mk 2

Microphones by Neumann, Schoeps, Telefunken, MT Gefell, Beyer, Revox, Shure, Stromberg, AKG, Røde, Avantone, Pearl,  a.o.

Monitors by Emes, Tannoy Gold 15”, Heco Studio Monitors a.o.

Effects by Dynacord, Tesla, Sansui, Lexicon

Schiedmayer Grand Piano

Teck Kunstharmonium

EBS Gorm 1 x 12” bass amp

Fender Pro Reverb (2)

Polytone Minibrute II

Sonor Drums

Zidjian & Paiste Cymbals

Fender Strat USA 1980

Gibson ES 335 Studio 1990

E. M Bräuer Classic 1974

Electra Outlaw Bass

Bacon & Day Tenor Banjo 1929

Gibson Mandolin 1923

Gutmann Cello 1880

English Violin 1793